Saturday, July 10, 2010

What the Olympus Trip 35 was really intended for!

I like to think of the Olympus Trip 35 as the VW Beetle of the camera world, it really was intended to be the "every man's" camera. And it was a great success of course, I mean wow, 10 000 000 sold! That must be some kind of a record, even by today's standards! The target user was your average family person who needed a cheap reliable camera to record the everyday life of his or her kids, grand-kids husband, wife, granny, etc. In that spirit I recently took my beauty of a Trip on an outing with my grand-kids and just snapped a few memories:

I am happy to report that it performed as intended, just like the VW Beetle it was easy and reliable! Just like the Beetle it became a legend because everybody loved them and bought them by their millions. Heck, they even both came with heaps of preloaded character! If the VW Beetle was voted the car of the century ten years ago, then why can't the Trip 35 be declared the camera of the decade for the 1900's? It's got my vote!


  1. Oh wow! Verwoerdbergstad - (or whatever it's called these days - Centurion Mall?).

    Never expected to see shots from there on an Olympus Trip site!

    Just popped in to check out Trip stuff - will certainly check back now in future. Getting my first two trips this week - will post shots from them ASAP.


  2. Hi Alex!

    Verwoerd is a four letter word here now, so all things Verwoerd related have been renamed. :-)

    Anyway, nice of you to comment on the blog!

    You are in the UK? Did you live in SA or just visit?

  3. yeah, they renamed Verwoerdburg when I was still living there...

    Grew up in Halfway House and went to photoschool in Pretoria at the old Vermulen Street campus.
    Now living in the UK and getting back into film shooting..

    Will send some pics asap from my trips trip :D

  4. Great stuff! Would love to post some of your "Trip pics"!

    Film certainly has a certain allure doesn't it? ;-)