Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sharp, Sharp, Sharp!

The Zuiko 40mm f2.8 lens on the Trip is just incredible! If Olympus would make a digital version of the Trip 35 today, complete with 40mm f2.8 lens, and with a full frame sensor they would make a killing! I would look at maybe buying one, price permitting. And why can't they? The lens covers standard 35mm film, so it's just the internals that would take some figuring out! Simple huh!? Man, I should work for Olympus...


  1. Well, thanks to you, I'm now looking around for a Trip 35 myself. And the whole world is waiting for a simple, non-zoom, full-frame sensor digital camera like you've described. The first company that brings one to market will make a fortune. How hard can it be? Olympus, are you listening??

  2. YES! A convert! ;-)

    Once you try it you'll be hooked Victor, it's a great little camera.

    Have a great day!


  3. Actually, it was this Sharp Sharp Sharp post that converted me. I was merely curious until I saw what the 40mm Zuiko was really capable of. Many of the images in the Trip group on Flickr are a bit dodgy in the IQ department but as you've clearly demonstrated, the glass is excellent. So I've just bid on one on eBay and the seller lives nearby. With any luck at all, I'll be Tripping by week's end.

  4. Found that you had this blog as well as your other. I bought a Trip from a guy in Ireland no eBay who does a clean and rebuild of the Trips and puts them back to A1 condition. Lovely little camera. I have got 2 or 3 shots on my blog taken with the Trip, and others on Flickr. Soon as I get a few minutes I'll send one to you and also maybe add another to my blog. Great little camera to add to some of my other old rangefinders. I'm also a real fan of the XA which I have had since it first came out.

  5. Keep TRIPPIN'
    love the ZUIKO

  6. Looking forward to getting your Trip pic!

    I also just got an Olympus 35DC, it's about the same size as the Trip, but somewhat heavier. And of course it's a proper range finder. I'm just running a roll of Kodak Ektachrome 64 through it now and will post pics at as soon as I can.

    Before long I'm going to have a collection! ;-)